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If a territory stands out for its environment, full of natural landscapes of contrasts, that is the Basque Country Travel To Vizcaya.

From its incredible beaches and beautiful fishing ports to its impressive cliffs. To enjoy all this, you have to encourage yourself to get to know Travel To Vizcaya.

Beautiful Towns Vizcaya

In addition to these towns’ spectacular historical and artistic heritage, Vizcaya is a province where you can enjoy gastronomy and take advantage of its privileged geography to do some outdoor activities. Travel To Vizcaya.

Discover The Most Beautiful Towns in Vizcaya

Below we propose a route through the 15 charming towns in Vizcaya so that you can decide and plan your next getaway. Do you accompany us to meet them Travel To Vizcaya?


Orduña is more than a town, it is a small city. This is due to its extensive architectural heritage, in which both civil and religious monuments stand out. In addition, Orduña has a more than complete tourist offer. Its spa is the perfect place to disconnect, and its natural landscapes invite adventure tourism. Its peculiar geographical location is also something that draws attention. You have to discover it!

On tour through the beautiful stone streets of Orduña, you will discover a medieval framework that leads us to a beautiful porticoed square. In its historical-monumental complex, you can find places such as the Sanctuary of La Antigua and up to two churches. To enjoy the best views, it is advisable to go to the Orduña port viewpoint. It will leave you speechless!


Elorrio is one of the most charming towns in Biscay, nestled in a spectacular natural environment. It is located under Mount Udalaitz and is bathed by the Zumelegui River. This is undoubtedly an ideal tourist spot for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities. Although Elorrio stands out for something, it is for its medieval complex, where you can find numerous monuments and learn about the traditions of this town. Travel To Vizcaya.

On a walk through the streets of Elorrio, you will discover different palaces and emblazoned houses that will attract your attention to their beauty. You will also find religious constructions such as the Basilica de la Purísima Concepción. But we do not doubt that what will make you fall in love the most in Elorrio are its old walls and the different gates and arches. It’s like taking a trip to the Middle Ages!


Surely you already know the municipality of Gernika for the terrible attack it suffered during the Civil War and for the famous painting by Picasso. But what you may not know is that Gernika is a beautiful town with a great heritage site. To be aware of this place’s history, it is necessary to know all its monuments of interest Travel To Vizcaya.

One of the most emblematic places of Gernika is the Tree of Gernika, an oak in which, in the past, the citizens’ meetings were held. Next to the tree, the Casa de Juntas is another of the places to visit in Gernika. Those who want to know more about this town’s history can take the route of air-raid shelters or stop to admire a representation of the well-known Picasso painting Travel To Vizcaya.


Lekeitio is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Basque Country. It is not surprising! This beautiful Biscayan town surprises us as soon as we arrive. Its appearance of a fishing village and the facades of its houses next to the mouth of the River Lea. The balconies and shutters fill the shore with color and invite us to walk and take pictures. Travel To Vizcaya.

In the old town of Lekeitio, you can visit monuments such as the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady or its Town Hall. But if there is something that we must highlight in this charming town of Vizcaya, it is the Island of San Nicolás and its viewpoint. On tour through the labyrinth of streets of Lekeitio, you will discover palaces such as Uriarte and a large number of restaurants where you can taste the most traditional cuisine of the area. Travel To Vizcaya.


Elantxobe is one of the most charming towns in Vizcaya, mainly due to its privileged location. It is located in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, a natural area of ​​great ecological wealth formed by the mouth of the Oka River and endless mountains that dye the landscape green. Without a doubt, an ideal destination to enjoy nature. Travel To Vizcaya.

But not everything is natural in Elantxobe. There are different points to admire the postcard stamp that its port and its houses create. Its beautiful streets are made up of neoclassical buildings and multi-story houses, from which colorful balconies stand out. One of the buildings that stands out the most in Elantxobe is the Church of San Nicolás de Bari. You will love this town of Vizcaya!


Ondárroa stands out for being a place of strong contrasts, where you can enjoy both the mountains and the sea. In addition, the fusion between the traditional and the modern makes it one of the most charming towns in all of Vizcaya. Ondárroa will surely surprise you with its large number of places to visit. You have to know it!

To get to know Ondárroa in-depth, we recommend you to walk through its old town and discover all the buildings that preserve their traditional medieval architecture. Approaching the sea, the appearance of the houses more closely resembles those of a fishing village. Some obligatory stops on your visit to Ondárroa are the Likona Tower, the Fish Market, and the Modern Bridge.


Like Elantxobe, Mundaka is in an exceptional natural environment. It is a small town with a somewhat picturesque appearance due to its beautiful houses located on the coast. Mundaka stands out for the great offer of sports and outdoor activities that can be done, such as surfing, thanks to its famous 400-meter wave. Incredible!

Among the different places to visit in Mundaka, the one that most attracts tourists is its port. This is undoubtedly the heart of this town since there are the most beautiful houses and it is full of boats. You can also visit the Hermitage of Santa Catalina or the Church of Santa María. Before leaving Mundaka, it is recommended that you enjoy its restaurants and shops.


Balmaseda is known for being the first town in Vizcaya and for its excellent natural setting. It is an ideal tourist destination for the more adventurous to enjoy its mountains, rivers, and forests. Balmaseda welcomes us with a surprising Old Bridge, crossing the Cadagua River. Undoubtedly, one of the most charming towns in Biscay has a tremendous historical and cultural heritage.

Balmaseda has different museums that detail this town’s history, such as the Museum of Interpretation of the Passion of Balmaseda or the Berets La Encantada Museoa. Other must-see monuments are Town Hall, the San Juan Bautista Church, and the San Severino Church.


Very close to Mundaka, we find another of the most beautiful towns in Vizcaya. If Bermeo is known for something, it is for the famous islet of Gaztelugatxe. This beautiful town has a long fishing tradition, something that can be seen today, for example, on the town’s coat of arms. If you decide to visit Bermeo, you will discover some curious facts, such as that its fellow citizens were famous whaling fishermen.

One of the places you should know if or if is Camera Park, next to the Paseo del Puerto. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the bars. Another of the most majestic buildings in Bermeo is the Casino, which currently houses the Sociedad Bermeana. Finally, you will find the town hall and the Church of Santa María de la Tala in the main square. You are sure to love it!


Surrounded by mountains in the Duranguesado region, it is one of the most monumental towns in Vizcaya. Orlando is characterized by its beautiful streets full of palace houses, among which the tower of its Town Hall stands out. But if you need another reason to visit this beautiful town, in Otxandio you can taste delicious cheeses such as the Idiazábal Denomination of Origin.

As we mentioned, the Orlando City Council is one of the elements that stand out the most within Otxandio’s heritage. You will also find a Pediment, the Vulcano Fountain, or a sculpture of the bombing of Andikona. As for the religious heritage of Orlando, do not forget to visit La Iglesia Santa Marina and La Cruz de Urigoiena. You will love it!


Nestled in a privileged environment, surrounded by mountains with caves and streams, is one of the charming towns of Vizcaya: Orozco. In addition to its incredible natural setting, Orozco stands out for its great religious heritage. As you can see, it is an ideal destination to combine tourism with outdoor activities. You do not miss the hype!

Strolling through its charming streets, you will discover historical monuments like the Torre de Aranguren or its Renaissance Bridge. Another place you can visit is the Palace House, where the Ethnographic Museum is located. For those who want to enjoy nature, very close to Orozco is the Gorbea Natural Park. In addition, there you will find some archaeological remains. You will be pleasantly surprised!


You could say that Mungía is a large town, but with charm. This Biscayan municipality is made up of the central nucleus and nine neighborhoods. They all have different architectural elements from different eras, which are well worth a visit. A visit to Mungía is an enriching and unforgettable experience, mainly due to its history and monuments.

On tour through the streets of Mungía, you will witness various architectural styles and see the different times of splendor of the town. Some of the buildings that will attract your attention the most are its Town Hall, which mixes Gothic with Baroque styles. You can also visit the old Torrebillela Tower-Houses or the Church of San Pedro.


Puerta is one of the towns with the most extended history in the Basque Country, mainly due to its strategic location and mining past. In addition, today, many towers with flags are still preserved due to their defensive situation. Opting for a hiking route is an ideal option to enjoy the green of its mountains and discover its mining tradition.

Although it has not been possible to preserve all the heritage over the years, Sopuerta has many places to visit. Strolling along its old Pisoraca Roman Road, you will discover monuments like its Flagship Towers or the San Martin Church. Crossing its Medieval Roman Bridge, you will reach places as beautiful as the Urrutia Tower. You will love it!


Axpe de Austria is one of the neighborhoods that make up the municipality of Austria. This town is known mainly for its privileged location, and some of its monuments are declared assets of cultural interest. It is located in the incredible Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, a perfect place to observe different animals and enjoy its beaches in a true natural paradise.

As we said, Axpe stands out for its natural environment and all that this place entails. Without a doubt, it has become one of the favorite destinations for nature and sports lovers. You can enjoy viewpoints and some caves with cave paintings such as those of Santimamiñe. In addition, in its surroundings, there are monuments such as the Ermita del Santo Cristo or the Church of Santa María.


Ibarrangelu is a small coastal town with a beautiful old town hidden in Cabo Ogoño. This municipality can boast of its exceptional situation since it is close to Urdaibai and other places as beautiful as Elantxobe. As you can imagine, thanks to its location, Ibarrangelu has many places to relax and enjoy nature.

On its Laga beach or from the Encinar del Cantábrico, you can see the incredible beauty of its surroundings. But not everything is natural landscapes and outdoor activities in Ibarrangelu. Those who want to know more about this charming town in Vizcaya can visit its Town Hall or a large number of hermitages. Adding to its religious heritage, we find the Church of San Andrés or that of Santa María Engracia.

You see! To fully enjoy this province, you have to get to know these charming towns in Vizcaya. You will indeed have an unforgettable experience, and you will want to repeat it.

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