Golden Bell Jar Scholarships for International Students in the University of Alberta Canada

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The University of Alberta is honored to announce the launch of Golden Bell Jar scholarships to students studying Physics in the academic period 2022-2023. Students interested in Golden Bell Jar Awards may apply for the Spring/Summer terms.


Canadian and international students can benefit from Golden Bell Jar Scholarships offered by the University of Alberta for any master’s or doctoral degree program conducted in the Department of Physics. They offer Golden Bell Jar Scholarships of $18,000 will be granted to applicants who have been selected for up to three years of studies.


Stay tuned to learn more about the value of the scholarship, its merit, the application, eligibility, and procedure.

The University of Alberta is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The university was founded on the 19th of September 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first premier of Alberta, and Henry Marshall Tory, the university’s first president. The university was also authorized by legislation known as the Post-secondary Learning Act.


This university has been designated extensive research and academic university (CARU). It provides an array of professional and academic courses that typically result in graduate and undergraduate accreditation.


The University of Alberta consists of four campuses located in Edmonton and one in Camrose, Augustana Campus in Camrose, and a campus for staff located in downtown Calgary. The first north campus comprises 150 buildings spanning 50 city blocks located on the south-facing rim of the North Saskatchewan River valley, directly across from downtown Edmonton.


But the students of 39,000 from Canada and 150 other nations are enrolled in 400 programs within 18 faculties. It is believed that the University of Alberta is a significant economic engine for Alberta. The impact of the university on Alberta’s economy is estimated to be $12.3 billion annually, which is five percent of Alberta’s gross domestic product.


The University of Alberta was chartered in 1906 in Edmonton, Alberta, as a one-stop public university under the University Act, passed during the very first session of the new Legislative Assembly, with Premier Alexander C. Rutherford as the legislation’s advocate.


Furthermore, the university was founded in the style of an American state-run university, with a particular focus on extension and applied research. Governance was also established by the Ontario’s University of Toronto Act of 1906, which had the bicameral structure consisting of the Senate (faculty) with responsibility for academic policy, as well as the governors’ board of governors (citizens) which oversees financial policy, and also has formal authority over all other aspects. The president, who the governors appointed, had supposed to connect the two bodies and provide administrative leadership for the institution.


Worth of Golden Bell Jar Scholarships for International Students


The successful applicants will receive a Golden Bell Jar Scholarship of $18,000. It can be renewed for three years to pay for the costs of their Master of Doctoral studies at the University of Alberta. The University of Alberta.


Eligibility for Golden Bell Jar Scholarships for International Students


  • The Department of Physics at the University of Alberta is qualified to receive the award.
  • Nominees must be enrolled in their program to be considered eligible.
  • The nominated person will also be selected based on academic achievements to qualify for the prize.
  • It is important to note that preference can be granted to students from abroad to have a degree.
  • Golden Bell Jar Scholarships Golden Bell Jar Scholarships are renewed for three years and are subject to review every year.
  • Golden Bell Jar Scholarships Golden Bell Jar Scholarships is available to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and foreign nationals with Canadian permit to study, candidates in doctoral programs, applicants in master’s degree programs, candidates for study programs based on courses, and scholars who are enrolled in the thesis-based studies programs.


How to Apply for Golden Bell Jar Scholarships for International Students


If you’re interested in Golden Bell Jar Scholarships and qualified, inquire with your department about eligibility. Notice that nominations must be submitted for consideration to FGSR through departmental representatives. Department (or faculty). In the end, the Graduate Scholarship Committee will make the final decision. For more information on the school, Click here.

Application Deadline for Golden Bell Jar Scholarships for International Students

The deadline for applications to the scholarship isn’t specified, but it is currently in process.

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