Beautiful Places in Palencia- 15 Charming Towns in Palencia

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Palencia is one of those provinces that can boast of having a great heritage, both natural and monumental. To know its entire catalog of monuments and discover some of the most important places of passage on the Camino de Santiago, today we are talking about different charming towns in Palencia that you cannot miss Beautiful Places in Palencia.

Beautiful Towns in Palencia

If you decide to visit this province, you must be prepared and that is why we want to let you know which are some of the most beautiful towns in Palencia. So you can live a unique experience in this spectacular province of Castilla y León Beautiful Places in Palencia.

If you want to know everything about the 15 charming towns in Palencia, do not miss any detail of what we tell you below. Surely, in the end, you dare to visit one of them. Do you want to know what the are Beautiful Places in Palencia?

1. Cervera de Pisuerga

Cervera de Pisuerga is one of those charming towns in Palencia that can boast of being in an exceptional natural setting. This is located next to the homonymous reservoir, within the Fuentes Carrionas Natural Park. But not only this, Cerveza de Pisuerga has a wide catalog of historical monuments. You just have to walk through its streets to see all its heritage Beautiful Places in Palencia.

For nature lovers, in Cervera de Pisuerga you can visit the Interpretation Center of the Palentina Mountain Natural Park. Among the attractions of Cervera de Pisuerga is the Church of Santa María del Castillo, next to the old castle of this town. We also recommend visiting the different hermitages and numerous large houses that fill Cervera de Pisuerga with charm, as well as the Palacio de Los Gil or the municipal bowling alley Beautiful Places in Palencia.

2. Carrión de los Condes

In the natural region of Tierra de Campos, we find one of the most charming towns in Palencia. It should be noted that the French route of the Camino de Santiago crosses through this town, being one of the places on the Palencia route where you can find a greater artistic and historical heritage. This town is a place where the history of this pilgrimage route can be breathed, being able to visit different historical hospitals and hostels on the Jacobean route.

Known for its Romanesque monuments, Carrión de Los Condes is a town where you can find up to three monuments declared a Site of Cultural Interest: the Monastery of San Zoilo, the Church of Santa María del Camino and the Church of Santiago, and its wonderful Pantocrator. In addition, the coexistence between Christians and Jews can be seen today in its wonderful heritage. If you are interested in doing this route, Carrión de Los Condes is one of the places where you should make a stop, yes or yes.

3. Ampudia

Ampudia is one of those charming towns in Palencia, which you cannot forget to visit if you want to know this province. It is located in the Tierra de Campos region and its typical Castilian architecture is one of the reasons why it is so well known. Walking quietly through its cobbled and arcaded streets is essential to discover all its corners. Ampudia still preserves its urban layout from the late medieval period and an old fortified enclosure Beautiful Place in Palencia.

The good conservation of its heritage is one of the main reasons why Ampudia is one of the most beautiful towns in Palencia. Its castle palace currently restored and the Collegiate Church of San Miguel are two of its most remarkable monuments. But without a doubt, the biggest tourist attraction in this town are its houses and arcades. It also has a Museum of Medicine in the Hospital Nuestra Señora Clemencia Beautiful Places in Palencia.

4. Becerril de Campos

Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, Becerril de Campos is one of those municipalities that has everything necessary to be a tourist destination more than mandatory. This town exudes charm on all four sides, as well as being an ideal place to rest and taste the gastronomy of the area. It has an extensive set of ruins since in the past it had up to seven churches and eight hermitages. Incredible for a small town!

We begin the visit in Becerril de Campos in its Plaza Mayor, which stands out as being partially porticoed and where we find its New Fountain. Continuing with the tour, we find many. Its buildings of a religious nature; something that is impossible to avoid and that draws the attention of your visitors. Its Town Hall also surprises us, due to its height and its beautiful facade. We have no doubt that Becerril de Campos is one of the most beautiful towns in Palencia.

5. Aguilar de Campoo

One of the most important towns in Palencia is Aguilar de Campoo, mainly due to the great importance that this town had during the Middle Ages. Proof of this is that Aguilar de Campoo is one of the places with the greatest Romanesque representation in the north of the peninsula. It is currently known for its industrial sector and its biscuit factories. Without a doubt, Aguilar de Campoo is a charming town in Palencia, which surprises us at every step we take.

In a walk through the streets of this municipality, we can find traditional manor houses and different palaces, until we reach its beautiful Plaza Mayor. One of the must-see places in Aguilar de Campoo is the Monastery of Santa María la Real, although the Collegiate Church of San Miguel also stands out from the rest of the monuments. To understand the entire history of Aguilar de Campoo, you only have to know the Ruins of its Castle and its walls. A magnificent town, for an unforgettable getaway!

6. Owners

Dueñas always appear in these types of listings and it is not surprising. Its strategic location, at a crossroads, makes it a place where numerous historical events have occurred. Despite not preserving the remains of its old fortress, you can still appreciate the importance of medieval times in its appearance. We encourage you to visit Dueñas and stroll through its beautiful streets full of arcades. You will fall in love!

In the historic center of Dueñas, you can discover the popular architecture of this area. There are two monuments that stand out among the small houses of Dueñas: the surprising Church of Santa María de la Asunción and the Convent of San Agustín. Dueñas also has civil buildings of great beauty, such as the Casa de Napoleón or the Palacio de Los Buendía. As you can see, Dueñas is one of the most charming towns in all of Palencia.

7. Amusco

Amuso is a town that breaks with the historically established clichés of the area in which it is located. This small town in the Tierra de Campos region hides numerous historical monuments and spectacular natural landscapes. The bridge over the Canal de Castilla or Las Vegas and Páramos del Camino Real, are two of the places that confirm that Amusco is one of the most beautiful and charming towns in Palencia.

Among the different monuments that can be visited, one of the most emblematic is the Parish Church of San Pedro. Strolling through the streets of Amusco we reach the Plaza del Obispo Germán Vega, where the town hall is located. Another of the religious constructions found in Amusco is the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Sources. We encourage you to discover all this set of monuments that make up Amusco and explore its natural environment.

8. Nava Fountains

Fuentes de Nava is located in a special protection zone for birds, known as La Nava-Campos Norte. The perfect mix of natural heritage with historical and cultural heritage is reason enough to visit Fuentes de Nava. This small municipality of Palencia hides buildings and places of great historical importance, such as the remains of an old wall that protected the city. Dare to discover them all!

If you decide to visit Fuentes de Nava, don’t forget to stroll down Calle Mayor; where surely what most catches your attention is its large group of mansions and palatial houses. Some of the most important monuments within Fuentes de Nava are the Church of San Pedro, as well as the Church of Santa María. In the surroundings of this town, you can enjoy natural landscapes as beautiful as the Laguna de Nava. You will love it!

9. Fromista

We visit the region of Tierra de Campos, to get to know Frómista. This charming town of Palencia is one of the favorite places for pilgrims, since it is located on the Camino de Santiago. As is typical of other towns in Palencia, the Romanesque stands out at every step that the tourist takes, being able to find authentic jewels from medieval times. If you are passionate about the Camino de Santiago or Romanesque architecture, surely Frómista will enchant you.

But if you are also a cheese lover, in Frómista you can visit the Cheese Museum where you can buy this wonderful delicacy. Frómista is known for its beautiful Church of San Martín de Tours, one of the reference monuments of Romanesque throughout Europe. Another landmark construction in the town, in this case of civil architecture, is the Canal de Castilla. A town that has everything to be your next tourist destination!

10. Palenzuela

Palenzuela is a charming town in Palencia, known for its huge Celtiberian necropolis. These remains are proof that it is a town that had great importance in the past. Keep in mind that most of its touristy places are ruins, but that is why it is such an interesting town to visit. On a walk through its old town, you can come across different manor houses, with their emblazoned facades. They sure surprise you!

One of the essential places within Palenzuela is the Church of San Juan Bautista. Among the most notable ruins of this municipality are those of the Church of Santa Eulalia, that of the Convent of San Francisco, and the castle walls. It should be noted that the Arch of Peace is currently preserved, one of the old gates in the walls. We encourage you to discover all these and many more places in Palenzuela.

11. Saldaña

Saldaña is a small town with a great historical heritage that is full of charming corners. In Saldaña you can find different churches, ruins of old fortresses, and spectacular manor houses. Strolling through its streets you will discover different arcades and old houses, in which beautiful stone facades and wooden beams stand out. This beautiful town is known for its famous donuts Ciegas de Saldañas. You have to try them!

The Plaza Mayor de Saldaña is one of the places that attract the most tourists, due to its different wooden arcades. For those who like to know about unique constructions, do not hesitate to stop to observe La Casa Torcida de Saldaña. The Ruins of the Castle of the Dukes of Infantado is another reason why Saldaña is one of the charming towns in Palencia. It will surprise you!

12. Astudillo

Nestled between two regions and bathed by the waters of the Pisuerga River, we come across Astudillo. A town is full of charming places, which has remained at different times. Thanks to the framework of the old town, we can know that it enjoyed great importance during the Middle Ages. Its streets make up a labyrinth of manor houses and small squares full of life. You will surely fall in love as soon as you arrive!

This medieval town has an enviable monumental wealth, a clear example of this being the Las Claras Convent and the remains of an old medieval fortification: the Castillo de la Mota. Different architectural styles are mixed in the narrow streets of Astudillo, giving us to know places like the Church of San Pedro or that of Santa María. All of these are must-see places during a visit to Astudillo.

13. Támara de Campos

Despite having only 71 inhabitants, Támara de Campos is one of the most charming towns in Palencia that you have to know. This town has a great set of historical monuments, which do not disappoint any of its visitors. Furthermore, this town still maintains its medieval layout in its old town. A town that seems to take us to another era and that makes us fall in love with every step we take.

You can find up to two different churches on a tour of this beautiful Palencia municipality. But without a doubt, the most remarkable element within the heritage of Támara de Campos is the Cathedral Church of San Hipólito el Real. Is awesome! Another place that does not go unnoticed within this town is the Casa Palacio de Mayorazgo.

14. Villalcázar de Sirga

One of the most emblematic towns in Tierra de Campos is Villalcázar de Sirga. Although it is a small village, it is one of those privileged places for being part of the Camino de Santiago. Its streets and old buildings are visited by thousands of pilgrims on this route. Some of its monuments are inherited from the entire influx of this route during different times, as well as from the Templars.

Without a doubt, the most remarkable monument in Villalcázar de Sirga is the Santa María la Blanca Church. This church is one of the first manifestations of the Gothic style in the area, so it is really worth visiting. You can also visit the Palace of the Counts of Villasirga, the current town hall. In Villalcázar remains of the old Hospital Real de las, Tiendas or Santiago are still preserved. As you can see, this is one of the charming towns in Palencia that is a must.

15. Baltanás

Baltanás is located in the El Cerrato region, in the old Atanasio Valley. Its surroundings are beautiful places of intense green colour, bathed by various tributaries and streams. Its monumental heritage is also very rich. Makes us witnesses of the great history that the town has behind it. Baltanás is one of the most charming towns in Palencia. Its peculiar constructions are one of the reasons that lead us to talk about it.

In the Plaza de España de Baltanás there are different monuments. Such as the Town Hall and the monument of La Aguada. Although. It also has other squares worth visiting. As well as the Hospital de Santo Tomás or the Convent of San Francisco.

In Baltanás, its houses are embedded in the mountainside. Stand out and its chimneys with curious shapes located. The middle of the streets of the neighborhood. They are the product of a clear influence of the Palencia. Romanesque in Castilla y León, we encourage you to check it out!

As you can see, each of these charming towns in Palencia has something that makes it stand out. All of them deserve a visit to see first hand because they are so beautiful. Do you dare to know them all?

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