Visit Pontevedra-15 Charming Towns In Pontevedra 2021

The province of Pontevedra has many attractions for tourists. Its wonderful coastline is known by all, where the Rías Baixas and its beautiful islands stand out, where the Atlantic islands or their impressive inland landscapes stand out, with forests like those found in the surroundings of the Ulla or Umia rivers. Now, what about their little towns? In fact, in this article we are going to show you, telling you about the many charming towns Visit Pontevedra.

Beautiful Towns of Pontevedra

The Galician province brings together a series of perfect ingredients for a vacation. The estuaries, its heritage linked to the Camino de Santiago and its rich gastronomy are waiting for you. We want you to discover all these landscapes by knowing some of the most beautiful towns in Pontevedra. They will surely make you fall in love Visit Pontevedra!

Get to know some of the most charming towns in Pontevedra. You have a lot to see in Pontevedra. We show it to you with an incredible list of coastal towns, with a great seafaring tradition, as well as with other small towns unknown by many, but worth Visit Pontevedra.

Beautiful Towns Pontevedra

If, after reading this article, you want to visit the province of Pontevedra, it is best to do it in rural accommodation, in spectacular natural settings. In Rural Sensation, we recommend a great list of rural houses in Pontevedra, take a look! Without further ado, we show you this list, in which we have selected a total of 15 Pontevedra towns with a very special charm Visit Pontevedra.

1. Combarro

Few towns exude the Galician essence as Combarro does. This fishing village is very close to the city of Pontevedra and is a first-class tourist destination. Located within the municipality of Poio, the Ría de Pontevedra bathes this fishing village, with its famous granaries on the first line, reflecting one of the most wonderful images of the Rías Baixas Visit Pontevedra.

If you visit Combarro, we are sure that you will be captivated by the stamp that the estuary leaves on the walls that support the granaries and some houses whose balconies look directly into the water. In addition to its granaries, through its streets, you can see numerous crosses or monuments such as the Church of San Roque, built in the 18th-century Visit Pontevedra.

2. Cambados

Cambados is a beautiful Pontevedra town that is located in the epicentre of the Rías Baixas. A coastal town that will greatly surprise you for its wealth of heritage and that has earned it to be declared a Historic-Artistic Site. A perfect place to disconnect, walking along its promenade or visiting its wonderful old town Visit Pontevedra.

Among the places you can visit in Cambados, its religious heritage stands out. Among other places to see in Cambados, you can see the remains of the Church of Santa Mariña do Dozo, Romanesque style from the 12th century, as well as the Convent of San Francisco, from the 16th century and Gothic style; or the Church of San Benito, from the 15th century. In the same way, you can walk through its streets and enjoy the splendid stately homes of Cambados, such as the Pazo de Bazán of the Ulloa, they will impress you! Another of Cambados’ emblematic monuments is the Torre de San Sadurniño, built between the 8th and 9th centuries as a defence against the Vikings Visit Pontevedra.

3. You

Tui is a beautiful town that is located on the border between Pontevedra and Portugal. Given its strategic location, being a place of passage of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago, Tui has, over time, become a town with a rich and unique historical heritage. A wonderful medieval town that surprises locals and strangers.

In the distance, we can already intuit which is the main monument of Tui: the Cathedral of Santa María de la Asunción, which is surrounded by the old walls of the town. An almost thousand-year-old building, built at the end of the 11th century with a Romanesque structure and later renovated with elements of the Gothic style. You can also visit other monuments in Tui, such as the Churches of San Francisco, from the 16th century, or the Convent of the Clarisa’s Nuns, from the 16th century and in the Baroque style. We also recommend you to walk along the Paseo de la Corredera and see its beautiful stately homes, or the Troncoso Gardens.

4. Baiona

Within the province of Pontevedra, there are many areas to visit. Some of them are widely known to all, such as the Rías Baixas. It is here where we find one of the most charming towns in Pontevedra, such as Baiona. A town with a seafaring tradition, enclosed in a wonderful bay, perfect for spending a family vacation. You can visit its old town, declared a historical-artistic complex, visit its fortress or taste its incredible gastronomy. You will love it!

Among the most outstanding monuments of Baiona, you will be impressed by its fortress, located on the coast. An incredible construction, whose original structure is from the 11th century and which was later renovated in the 15th century. Today, it is a National Parador. We invite you to visit the oldest area of ​​Baiona as well, inside its walled enclosure, where you can visit places such as the Collegiate Church of Santa María, in Romanesque style and from the 13th century; its Town Hall, an old pazo from the 18th century; or the replica of the Caravel de la Pinta, located in Baiona, being where Columbus landed after the Discovery of America.

5. Agolada

Practically on the border with the province of Lugo, we can visit another of the most picturesque towns in Pontevedra. An area of ​​great history, with numerous forts and prehistoric sites, such as the so-called mámoas, or remains of Roman bridges. It is also distinguished by its different Romanesque churches. Well, here we find a town that stands out and that will surely surprise you, such as Angola.

This town, which has been sustained thanks to livestock, has been of great relevance to all of Galicia, constituting a meeting point for merchants. Precisely, the most spectacular thing about Agolada is its market, moved in the 18th century and which has remained unchanged for more than 200 years. Os Pendellos de Agolada will take you to another era, where you can discover one of the most unique routes in the entire region.

6. Vilanova de Arouca

The coast of Pontevedra gives rise to wonderful places, where its small islands and archipelagos intermingle with its estuaries. The landscape is simply spectacular, something that you can see if you see another of the most charming towns in Pontevedra, as is the case of Vilanova de Arouca. A town that has seen the birth of great figures in our history, such as Valle Inclán.

You have a lot to see in this beautiful town, starting with the Church of Santa María de Caleiro, which still retains part of its 12th-century Romanesque-style structure, renovated in later centuries. Other places you have to visit is the 16th-century manor house of Ramón María del Valle Inclán, set on an old fortress, as well as the Torres de Cálogo or the Pazo de Rúa Nova.

7. Oia

The Bajo Miño region has some of the most beautiful towns in Pontevedra, among which you cannot miss Oia. Made up of six parishes, the impression that Oia leaves to the visitor is truly impressive, with its houses stuck on the coast and its majestic monastery and the Atlantic Ocean in the background. A place that you have to visit at least once in your life.

While it is true that walking along the coast of Oia is one of the greatest pleasures, as well as on the mountain of Serra Da Groba, the most emblematic place in the town is the Monastery of Santa María. Currently, in private hands, this monastery was built at the end of the 12th century by the Cistercian Order. An ancient fortified monastery of great beauty in a unique setting.

8. Caldas de Reis

In the interior of Pontevedra, there are many magical corners. One of them is drawn by the Umia river, with different waterfalls, waterfalls and a beautiful Ribera forest. A place well known also for its hot springs, so if you want to relax, this is your perfect destination. This river crosses, if that were not enough, one of the most charming towns in the province, such as Caldas de Reis.

One of the main points of interest in Caldas de Reis is the Botanical Garden and Carballeira, a historical garden where you can see tree species from the 5 continents. We also invite you to visit some of the Roman bridges in the area, such as the Bermaña Bridge or the Segade Bridge. For lovers of religious heritage, you can visit the Church of Santa María, of Romanesque origin and reformed in later centuries.

9. A Guarda

A Guarda is one of the last coastal towns in Pontevedra, before reaching Portugal, at the mouth of the river Miño. This area is perfect for a vacation, provided with numerous wetlands and beaches, as well as places with a great history, such as the Castro de Santa Trega site or the Castillo de Santa Cruz.

Among the places you can visit in A Guarda, the Church of Santa María de la Asunción stands out, in which numerous architectural styles converge, such as Romanesque, Baroque or Neoclassical. You can also see the Convent of San Benito, from the second half of the 16th century and baroque style, as well as the Clock Tower, from the 16th century or the Museum of the Sea, a building that emulates the old watchtower of the town.

10. Mud

Barro is one of those Pontevedra towns that are not known to most tourists. Possibly, it is because it is not on the coast, but there is no doubt that it has incalculable beauty. The natural environment of Barro attests to this, highlighting the Barosa River Nature Park, made up of numerous waterfalls of unlikely shapes and old mills.

Within its historical heritage, because it is one of the places of passage on the Camino de Santiago, we can find different churches, such as the Parish Church of San Martiño-Agudelo, built in the 12th century and in Romanesque style. You can also visit different pazos such as A Torre or San Antonio.

11. Mondariz

The province of Pontevedra is widely known for the quality of its thermal waters. In this sense, one of the best-known places is Mondariz, where the waters of the Tea River contain healing properties already known to the Romans. In fact, one of its greatest attractions is precisely its thermal village.

Beyond Mondariz-Balneario and the relaxing experience of its hot springs, Mondariz’s location means that we can see many places of great interest, such as the Sobroso Castle, built between the 9th and 11th centuries. You can also visit the Romanesque bridge of Cernadela.

12. Catoira

At the junction of the Ulloa river and the Arouca estuary. We can find one of the most charming towns in Pontevedra. Along with its river beaches and marshes. The town that we are going to talk about is well known for hosting. One of the most spectacular popular festivals in all of Spain. How could it be otherwise, we talk about Catoira and her Viking pilgrimage. Which the arrival of the Vikings to the Galician coast a thousand years ago is commemorated. In a fierce fight with the peasants who defended their lands.

In addition to being able to enjoy this festival, held in August, you have a lot to see, highlighting the Torres del Oeste, which defended the river from pirates since the 11th century. You can also visit its medieval bridge, as well as the Church of San Xosé Obrero or enjoy a swim in its river beach.

13. Pig

On the border with the province of Ourense, in the Tabeirós-Tierra de Montes region. We can find small villages of great beauty in a unique landscape. Thus, in the south of the region, between mountains and valleys of singular beauty. We can find small rural centres of singular beauty. Which are agglutinated in Ceredo. Since 2016. The municipality itself has merged with Cotobade.

We invite you to visit these villages scattered around Ceredo. Such as Pedre, Fraguas or Serapio. You will fall in love! Within the parish of Ceredo itself. You can visit the Church of San Xoán Bautista, from the 18th century. As well as a small bridge from the 13th century and its river beach.

14. Sanxenxo

With all its merit, Sanxenxo has become one of the most touristic towns in the province of Pontevedra. Surrounded by multiple beaches, next to the Ría de Pontevedra. It is a perfect place to go to enjoy a few days with the family. Able to taste the exquisite gastronomy of the area. In addition, in its surroundings, you have one. The most spectacular places in the Galician community. Such as the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands.

In addition to its beaches, you can visit some places of great interest in Sanxenxo. Such as the Monastery of Santa María de Armenia. Built-in the 12th century and in Romanesque style. As well as the statue of Madama del Silgar.

15. To Estrada

There are towns that do not need a long history to show. All their charm and, in the interior of the province of Pontevedra. We can find a very different town, such as the town of A Estrada. Unlike other towns, the greatest patrimonial. Splendour was due to its appointment as a town. Already after the middle of the 19th century.

Thus, it is the modernist buildings that attract the most attention. Within the town of A Estrada, such as its town hall, completed in 1912. As well as other buildings of great interest. Such as the Casa, do Escobeiro, from 1925 or its Parish Church. In addition to other meeting points Such as Market Square. Very close and within the same municipal area. You can also visit the magnificent Pazo de Oca. A baroque-style manor house, built in the 17th century. You will be amazed! As you have seen. There are many towns to see in Pontevedra. What are you waiting for to visit them?

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