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Ourense is a province that perfectly combines the monumental and natural heritage. This Galician province is an ideal destination for rural tourism, it already has a complete tourist offer. To do this, you must first know which are some of the charming towns in Visit Ourense.

If you decide to visit the province of Ourense, you must know all the places of interest that you can find in some of its most beautiful municipalities. With a simple walkthrough its historical sites, you will witness the great monumental heritage that they possess Visit Ourense.

Beautiful Towns of Ourense

These beautiful towns stand out for their historical and artistic heritage. In addition, they are populations that are surrounded by an enviable natural environment. So don’t miss the opportunity to escape for a few days to Ourense, to learn about the history and traditions of this land. If you want to make the most of these locations, you can choose to stay in one of these rural houses in Visit Ourense.

Discover some of the most charming towns in Ourense

We encourage you to join us on this spectacular route through these 15 charming towns in Ourense. We have no doubt that this Galician province is one of the most complete and interesting tourist destinations you can find. Let’s find out what they are Visit Ourense!

1. Vilanova dos Infantes

Vilanova dos Infantes is a small town belonging to the town of Celanova, in the west of the province of Ourense. It is a small medieval town that has managed to preserve its original layout. Surely, when you walk through its streets, you still notice that the medieval atmosphere that it gives off. Through its streets, we can see some really amazing stone buildings, as well as a good conglomeration of granaries Visit Ourense.

What can you see in Vilanova dos Infantes? Well, the truth is that there are different very relevant monuments, highlighting its fortified tower, the only remainder of its old fortress that still remains standing. On the other hand, you can visit the Church of San Salvador, on a Mozarabic style chapel, while on the outskirts of the town, you can visit the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Cristal.

2. Ribadavia

Ribadavia has a lot to offer the tourist. If what you like is to know a town full of history, it will surely convince you, since it became the seat of the Kingdom of Galicia. If, on the other hand, you like activities such as wine tourism, it is also your destination! All its surroundings are delimited by vineyards and Ribeiro wine vineyards. But there is still more! If you like water activities, it is next to the Castelo de Miño Nautical Park. Ribadavia is a beautiful town where you will not get bored, guaranteed!

This pretty medieval town has many attractions. Among them, its old fortress from the 15th century stands out, as well as the monumental complex of Santo Domingo, from the 14th century, or the old Jewish quarter, from the 11th century. You can also visit the Church of Santiago, from the 12th century and Romanesque style, as well as its spectacular 16th-century town hall Visit Ourense.

3. Pazos de Arenteiro

Ourense is full of many charming towns. Some of them, moreover, are unknown by the vast majority. Totally isolated, surrounded by vineyards and at the confluences of the Arenteiro and Avia rivers, a small town emerges that will amaze you. It is Pazos de Arenteiro, a town of just 100 inhabitants that will conquer you Visit Ourense.

It is precisely the various country houses and manor houses that most attract the visitor’s attention. These stone constructions will surprise you by their state of conservation and by the Jewish and Arab engravings. Among the most outstanding places of Pazos de Arenteiros, you can discover the church of San Salvador, in Romanesque style, an authentic jewel of the Galician province!

4. Allariz

There is no doubt that Allariz is one of the most charming towns in Ourense. The town surprises the traveller with its spectacular location on the banks of the Arno River, where its waters make different jumps. Declared a Historic-Historical Complex more than 40 years ago, this medieval town has been involved in numerous legends, such as that of the Wolf Man, and has hosted different kings, such as Alfonso X El Sabio. All of this makes it even more attractive, don’t you think?

We recommend you stroll quietly through the streets of its restored old town, not long ago, with great taste. And what can you see in Allariz? The truth is that its heritage is immense, starting with the Church of Santiago, from the early 12th century, which is one of the best examples of Galician Romanesque architecture. In addition, you can also visit the Castro Ojea Tower House, from the 16th century, as well as the Baroque-style Santa Clara Convent, or the 13th century Jewish Quarter Visit Ourense.

5. Bomboras

We go to the Carballino region, to get to know one of the most charming towns in Ourense: Bóboras. This municipality is made up of numerous parishes, such as Pazos de Arenteiro, full of great historical and cultural heritage. This town stands out for its medieval bridges and its fantastic hiking trails that help us explore all its places of interest.

The historical importance of Bóboras can be seen in its legacy of medieval and Romanesque monuments. In a walk through its beautiful streets, you will discover places as interesting as its Town Hall or the church of Moreiras. In the different parishes of Bóboras, you can find churches such as that of San Martiño de Cameixa.

6. Montederramo

Another of the most charming towns in Ourense is Montederramo. Bathed by the waters of the Mao River and surrounded by a lush birch forest, we can find this beautiful town created around its monastic community, at the beginning of the 12th century. A small town, surrounded by an enviable natural setting, which we recommend visiting, yes or yes.

In Montederramo, the most interesting thing to visit is the monastery, along with the stone houses attached to its square. This impressive building dates from the 12th century, although it has been renovated in later centuries, its predominant styles being Romanesque and Herrerian and being one of the greatest examples of the Galician Renaissance.

7. Celanova

Celanova is an old town, which during the High Middle Ages enjoyed great importance and we can see this in its many monuments. Due to its historical complex of great architectural value, Celanova is undoubtedly one of the most charming towns in Ourense. If you want to take a trip through different periods of our cultural and artistic past, do not hesitate to visit Celanova.

We encourage you to visit the historic centre of Celanova to see the following monuments. The most symbolic element of this town is the monastery of San Salvador de Celanova, where you can discover rooms as beautiful as its Baroque cloister or its church with three apses. Another of the places you should know in Celanova is the Chapel of San Miguel.

8. Castro Caldelas

The Ribeira Sacra is characterized by its spectacular landscapes, but also by its charming villages! One of these wonderful towns that we recommend you visit is Castro Caldelas, an old medieval town that stands out for its narrow cobbled streets, as well as its houses with slate roofs and bright white galleries. A beautiful town that will surprise you.

The most outstanding monument in Castro Caldelas is its castle, which crowns the town and was built in the 16th century by the Count of Lemos. A military fortress that you can learn more about. We also invite you to visit the Church of Santa Isabel or the Church of the Virgen de Los Remedios.

9. Sil stop

Parada de Sil is undoubtedly another of the most charming municipalities in Ourense and it is not surprising. Despite being a small town in population, it is not in terms of heritage. Within this municipality, you can enjoy the history and culture of this land, as well as take hiking routes to discover natural landscapes such as the Sil Canyon.

To know the most emblematic monument of Parada de Sil, you will have to go to the parish of Oxide. There, next to the Sil river, you will find the Benedictine Monastery of Santa Cristina. For those with a sweet tooth, the Chocolate House Museum is one of the obligatory stops. In its natural environment, you will be able to see the Millennial Chestnut Tree and the viewpoint of “Los Balcones de Madrid”.

10. As Ermidas

There are different small towns in Ourense which, in the same way, are spectacular. Towns that are nestled in an impressive setting, such as As Ermidas, a small parish in O Bolo. On a hill, surrounded by vineyards and in a bend in the Ribei River, this beautiful town appears that, already in the distance, will leave you with your mouth open.

Nestled in a perfect way in this place, what stands out the most is the spectacular Sanctuary of Our Lady. Sitting on the steep mountain, stands this magnificent architectural work of the 18th century, being one of the most interesting baroque works of the Galician community, which is saying!

11. Entrimo

Antrim is a beautiful town that is located next to the Ourense border with Portugal. In fact, it is located at the foot of the natural border drawn by the Gerés-Xurés Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve. Therefore, it is a perfect place for nature lovers, being able to see all its magnificent surroundings from the Pedreriño viewpoint.

The town consists of different scattered stone houses, as well as extremely attractive stone granaries and bridges. Among all the places of interest, the church of Santa María stands out, a magnificent construction in the Churrigueresque Baroque style, built between the 17th and 18th centuries.

12. Lobos

Lobos is another of those charming towns in Ourense, made up of small parishes that make it an ideal tourist destination. This town has a wide range of activities such as hiking trails, adventure sports and a large number of viewpoints from which to enjoy the beautiful natural setting in which it is located.

If Lobos is known for something, it is for its natural environment. It is located in the Baixa Limia-Serra do Xúres natural park, so one of the places you should visit is the Mirador del Xurés. In Lobos, you can also enjoy the thermal properties in its well-known Spa. Another of the obligatory visits in this municipality is to the Roman town Aquis Origuinis in the parish of Rio Caldo and Lobos.

13. O Carballiño

Unlike other towns in Ourense that we are seeing, O Carballiño is not based on its medieval settlement, its history is much more recent. Its splendour and importance are due to the organization of gastronomic fairs. For this reason, O Carballiño is a very interesting town for tourists, especially if they want to taste the best of Galician gastronomy, and that is saying a lot! Ourense-o-carballiño

In addition to the gastronomy, another of the strong attractions resides in the spas that surround the town, perfect for a relaxing break. Among its most outstanding monuments, the Temple of the Cross stands out, a work of the mid-20th century of great singularity and that mixes different architectural styles, designed by the architect Antonio Palacios. Another place of great interest is the Pazo de Banga.

14. Verin

In the southwest of the province of Ourense, we can find another town of great beauty: Verín. A town that is in a unique environment, such as the Támega River Nature Reserve, in a valley characterized by its wine-growing area and spring waters. This is where Verín is located, a municipality with heritage and historical legacy, worthy of one and more visits.

Both in Verín and in its surroundings, you have a lot to see. Its main attraction is precisely on the outskirts of the town. It is the Monterrei castle, a palace-fortress that has been recorded since the middle of the 10th century. A spectacular fortification that includes the Palace of the Counts. Three-walled enclosures, the Pilgrim Hospital, from the end of the 14th century. As well as the Torre del Homenaje, from the 15th century. Other places to visit in Verín are the Church of Santa María la Mayor. The Convent of La Merced, as well as the Casa de Los Acevedo.

15. Baths of Molgas

Baños de Mulgas is one of the favourite towns for tourism. Especially for those who want to combine rural tourism with relaxation tourism. The good state of conservation in which this villa is located is one of the reasons. Why it is a town with a special charm. Do not hesitate to visit its historic centre and relax in the waters of its famous thermal spa.

As for its most outstanding monuments, we find the Church and the Almonte crosses. Nestled in the valley of this town, is the spectacular Sanctuary of Our Lady of Miracles. In Baños de Molgas you would also discover an old Roman. Bridge and other churches, such as San Cibrao de Lama Má.

You see, a route through these charming towns in Ourense will allow. You to discover numerous historical monuments and enjoy beautiful natural landscapes. I’m sure you love them and you don’t want to leave. Do you dare to know them all?

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