Cudillero Asturias-What To See In This Beautiful Fishing Village

Located on the west-central coast of the Principality of Asturias we find Cudillero, a small fishing village that will leave you with your mouth open. In Asturias, as in the rest of our country, we can find truly beautiful towns, but Cudillero is really special. A splendid and colourful fishing village that surprises everyone who visits it. As we have commented previously, Cudillero is a small and picturesque fishing village that has dedicated its entire life to the sea and that attracts many tourists throughout the year Cudillero Asturias.

All this attraction is due, not only to its beautiful contrast between the blue of the sea and the green of the vegetation that surrounds it but also to its peculiar way of painting the houses in bright colours and above all to the way in which that the town is built, in which the houses hang towards the sea in a small amphitheatre creating a structure that seems impossible Cudillero Asturias.

What to see in Cudillero

For all this, Cudillero is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, so much so that it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site Cudillero Asturias.

Also, another of the peculiarities of this beautiful town is that they have their own dialect, Pixueto. In addition, it houses delicious gastronomy full of culture and tradition, since they still cook the Cardillo, a unique delicacy consisting of allowing small fish to dehydrate.

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If you want to spend some fabulous days in Cudillero, where you can enjoy its incredible scenery and its people, we invite you to stay in one of the rural houses in this town. Next, we show you everything you can see in Cudillero. It will surely not leave you indifferent!

Plaza de la Marina and Amphitheater

Without a doubt, one of the main attractions of Cudillero is to walk through its streets until you reach the centre of the town, where we find the Plaza de la Marina, which is characterized by being composed of white houses and frames painted in different and striking colours. In this square, we can find a multitude of terraces where we can not only enjoy the sea breeze and the views, but also the rich gastronomy of the place. We recommend that you try their seafood.

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Another thing that draws the attention of visitors is the curious way in which the houses are built in the form of an amphitheatre in which the square is as if it were the scene of the same and the houses the boxes.

Visit his Lighthouse

Without a doubt, the headlights have something that we love. Well, in Cudillero we can find a very nice one at the end of a path that begins at the end of the Cudillero promenade.

This lighthouse, located 75 meters above Punta Roballera, has been guiding ships in the area for more than 160 years. We recommend that you stop to enjoy the place, its cliff and relax with the sound of the sea.

Another of the monuments that you cannot miss is the Capilla del Humilladero, one of the most significant monuments in Cudillero and also the oldest, which dates from the 13th century.

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This Gothic-style building was used by sailors to pray before going out to sea. It was also the place where conflicts between neighbours were settled.

Cudillero Viewpoints Route

Another feature of Cudillero is that it houses a multitude of viewpoints where you can enjoy the landscape and especially where you can take impressive photos. In order to get to all these viewpoints, Cudillero has 3 itineraries that pass through the streets of the town. If you want to do one of these routes you can go to the tourist office where they will give you an indicative map.

However, all you have to do is walk the streets of the town and look at some small drawings on the ground and some blue railings, which are what indicates that we are in front of a viewpoint. Among the most important viewpoints, we have the Atalaya viewpoint, the Garita viewpoint or the Pico viewpoint, which are undoubtedly the ones that best capture the essence of the town.


Like a good fishing town that has dedicated itself to the sea throughout its life, Cudillero has a truly beautiful port where you can continue to observe how the fishing boats return to the port after each task.

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On the other hand, in the same port, we can walk along the breakwater where we can get to know the town from another perspective and take some beautiful photos.

Cliffs of Cabo Vidio

Cudillero is also home to very beautiful beaches. Such as El Silencio or Gueirúa. But the Cabo de Vidio cliff certainly deserves special mention. About 80 meters high above the sea, this cliff offers us an impressive image of the sea. Its crystal clear waters and the vegetation. Without a doubt, it is one of the most impressive capes in our geography.

Selgas Palace

In El Pito, within the municipality of Cudillero. We find one of its jewels that cannot go unnoticed the Quinta de Selgas.

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This palace, also known as the Asturian Versailles, dates back. To the 19th century and has spectacular gardens. A picturesque and very beautiful interior. Noteworthies are the classrooms or the library. Inside. We can find a museum where there are different paintings by the painter Goya. As you have seen, you have to see Cudillero with your own eyes. A town that gives off all the best of Asturias, which is saying!

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