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We all know about the many attractions of the Basque province. The city of San Sebastián shines with its own light, as does its coast, with its cliffs and beaches, and what about its small towns? Well, they are also impressive! In this article, we want to show you, telling you about Best Place in Guipúzcoa.

Beautiful Towns in Guipúzcoa

From Rural Sensation , we want you to discover some of the most beautiful towns in Guipúzcoa. I’m sure you love them too! Get to know some of the most charming towns in Guipúzcoa
Whether on the coast or in the interior of the province, there are numerous towns with great charm. Fishing villages, others located in the mountains or with an enviable heritage legacy, you have a lot to see in Best Place in Guipúzcoa!

If you want to visit Guipúzcoa, it is best to spend a few days in rural tourism accommodation. Here, we recommend a wide variety of rural houses in Guipúzcoa . Without further ado, we show you up to 15 of the most beautiful towns to see in Guipúzcoa, what are you waiting for to discover Best Place in Guipúzcoa?

1. Hondarribia

There is no doubt that one of the towns you have to visit in Guipúzcoa is Hondarribia. It has everything you need for a weekend getaway, guaranteed! Nestled in the Bidasoa estuary, on the natural border with France, this town will surprise you with everything it has to offer. From its landscape, between mountains and the coast, to its spectacular old town and its impressive gastronomy, you will love it Best Place in Guipúzcoa!

Surely one of the things that impress you the most about Hondarribia is the colour of the houses in its old town. Houses with balconies and windows of different colours, such as blue, red or green. It is a delight to walk through its streets! We also invite you to discover its walled enclosure and get to know some highly relevant historical buildings, such as the Castle of Carlos V, currently a Parador de Turismo; the Church of Santa María de la Asunción; mid-15th century and Gothic and Renaissance styles; or the Palace of Zuloaga, from the 18th century Best Place in Guipúzcoa.

2. Orio

The fishing villages are one of the hallmarks of Guipúzcoa. Small towns located at the mouth of the rivers, located between green mountains and with a special charm. Among all of them, one of the most recognized towns in the Basque province is Orio , located at the mouth of the Oria River. The environment is already just a good reason to visit Orio, where we can see different marshes and wetlands, Playa de la Antilla or Mount Talaimendi Best Place in Guipúzcoa.

Orio is also very interesting, due to its heritage, derived from its historical importance as a place of passage of the Jacobean Route. We invite you to stroll through its historic centre, with its steep and labyrinthine streets, whose urban structure dates from the 12th century. The houses continue to maintain their essence, with colored windows and wooden balconies. Here, we can see places like the Church of San Nicolás de Bari, from the 17th century. How could it be otherwise, if you visit Orio you will have to enjoy its rich cuisine, led by the famous Orio bream Best Place in Guipúzcoa?

3. Alkiza

In the central area of ​​the province of Guipúzcoa, the landscape stands out for its mountains, meadows and green forests. It is here where we find different charming towns, with typical houses of the area, totally isolated. In this sense, one of the towns that attract the most attention is Aliza Best Place in Guipúzcoa.

If you want to enjoy nature, there is no doubt that Alkiza is one of the best destinations. In addition, you can discover buildings such as the church of San Martín, in the Gothic style, as well as some magnificent examples of the traditional architecture of the area, from the 19th century, such as the Casa Cural or the Casa Medietxea Best Place in Guipúzcoa.

4. Pasai Donibane

Very close to San Sebastián, is one of the towns that can most impress you in the province of Guipúzcoa, such as Pasaia. Within this municipal term, we can find up to 4 different neighbourhoods, on the sides of the Oyarzun estuary and enclosed between the Ulía and Jaizkibel mountains. In this case, we highlight Pasai Donibane (called Pasajes de San Juan in Spanish), a place that will make you fall in love Best Place in Guipúzcoa.

Here, the houses border the estuary, to the point that they seem to float on the same water, amazing! Despite its small size, there is much to see, from its pier to different noble houses or its religious heritage. Specifically, we recommend you visit the Parish Church of San Juan Bautista, from the 17th century, as well as the Renaissance Palace of Villaviciosa, from the Renaissance style and from the 11th century or the house where Víctor Hugo stayed and which is currently the Tourist Office of the location.

5. Zumaia

Guipúzcoa is well known for its beaches, with its impressive cliffs and waves, perfect for surfing. It is precisely one of the main attractions of Zumaia, another of the most beautiful towns in Guipúzcoa. Nestled at the confluence between the Urola and Narrondo rivers, it has it all: a unique environment, rich gastronomy and historical heritage of great interest.

Obviously, we invite you to know the surroundings of Zumaia, such as its beaches. Here, the Itzurun Beach stands out, with the flysch and the San Telmo Hermitage, from the 17th century. In the same way, we can visit the Zuloaga Museum, on the beach in Santiago. Within the town, you have different places to visit, such as the Parish Church of San Pedro, from the mid-14th century and in the Gothic style; the Church of Santa María de Arritokieta, as well as different palaces and stately homes, such as the Olazabal Palace or the Foronda Palace.

6. Bidania-Goiatz

Located in the central area of ​​the Gipuzkoan province, Bidania-Goiatz is another of the municipalities that we recommend you visit. It is one of those towns with large houses scattered over green meadows of the valley, under the shelter of the mountains, which form a spectacular landscape. As you can imagine, it is the result of the union of two small towns, such as Bidania and Goiatz.

Thus, in Bidania we can find different places of great interest, such as the Church of San Bartolomé or different stately homes, such as Mojaetxea, the Palacio de Ana or the magnificent Palace of Iriarte, from the 17th century. For its part, in Goiatz you can discover the Church of the Assumption, the fortified tower or the hamlet of Aldekoetxea.

7. Oñati

To the southwest of the Basque province, there is a stately town that will leave you perplexed. We are talking about Oñati, an old county that was not integrated into Guipúzcoa until the mid-19th century. It preserves a rich heritage that we can still enjoy today and of different architectural styles, such as Gothic, Baroque or Renaissance. At times, it will seem that you have gone back in time.

This town has the honour of being where the first Basque university was founded. It is the Sancti Spiritus University, built in the middle of the 16th century and in a Renaissance style. On the other hand, Oñati also stands out for its religious heritage, with monuments such as the Gothic Church of San Miguel Arcángel, from the 15th century.

The Bidaurreta Monastery, in the Elizabethan Gothic style and early 16th century, or the Church of the Lateran Canons Regular, in the 19th century neo-Gothic style. Furthermore, the civil and military architecture that still remains in Oñati is equally spectacular, highlighting tower-houses such as those of Zumeltzegi, from the 14th century; Lizarraga, from the 15th century; or the Zubiaur Tower, in addition to the baroque-style town hall or the Don Pedruena Palace.

8. Getaria

Getaria is one of the most beautiful towns that we can see near San Sebastián, located in the Gulf of Bizkaia, its surroundings will leave you stunned. Surrounded by mountains and next to the sea, Getaria emerges. This beautiful town, whose centre has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site, is perfect to spend a weekend and explore its streets, as well as its historic port.

Among the many places of interest that we can visit in Getaria, the Church of San Salvador stands out, built in the 16th century and in a Gothic style. In the same way, we invite you to discover the Church of San Martín or different fortified houses, such as the Casa Torre de los Ibáñez de Olano or the Casa Torre de los Zarauz. In addition, we invite you to see some of the monuments and places that refer to famous people born in this beautiful town, such as the monument to Juan Sebastián Elcano or the Balenciaga Museum, where you can see some of the dresses of this famous designer Best Place in Guipúzcoa.

9. Zerain

Guipúzcoa’s heritage is well recognized. For centuries and centuries ago, work in the iron sector has been a benchmark, for example. Some of the towns of Guipúzcoa stand out precisely for their perfectly preserved heritage, where today we can see what this ancestral work was like. In this sense, one of the towns where you can learn about the past of this exciting sector is Zerain, in the south of the province, in what is known as the “Iron Mountain”.

Within Zeran, then visit the Aizpea mining complex, where you can learn about the iron extraction process, as well as the Aizpitta Mines Interpretation Center. In the same way, you can visit the hydraulic sawmill of Larraondo, from the 19th century. You can also visit the old jail, from the early 18th century, the only one from this time that is preserved in the Basque Country, and other buildings of interest such as the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, from the 16th century, or the Jauregui Palace.

10. Tolosa

Tolosa is a small city, close to San Sebastián, that you have to know. You will be surprised by the impressive images left by its colourful houses along the Oria River and the mountains in the background. Its historical and architectural legacy, where a multitude of styles converge, will enchant you.

And what can you see in Tolosa? There are many places that you can discover in this beautiful town, starting with the Church of Santa María, which began to be built in the middle of the 16th century and with styles such as Basque Gothic or Baroque, as well as the Baroque convent of Santa Clara, from the 18th century. , or the Convent of San Francisco. In the same way, Tolosa stands out for its numerous palaces, such as the Armburu Palace, from the 17th century and baroque style; the Palacio de Atodo, from the 16th century or the Palacio de Idiákez. Other places of interest in Tolosa are its town hall, from the 17th century and baroque style; the provincial archive of Guipúzcoa or the House of Culture.

11. Leintz Gatzaga

On the border with the province of Vitoria, we can find a charming town. Known in Spanish as Salinas de Léniz, it is clear what its name is due to. On the one hand, its impressive location, nestled in the Léniz Valley. On the other hand, the salt flats near the villages that made up the current municipal area, and that were exploited since the Middle Ages.

You will be enchanted by this medieval town for its impeccable heritage, where we can discover numerous palaces built between the 16th and 17th centuries, such as the Elexalde Palace, the Kapitangoa Palace or the Garro Palace. In addition, you can still see the portals of the old walls that protected the town, as well as the Church of San Millán, from the 14th century. How could it be otherwise, part of the appeal of Leintz Gatzaga lies in the old salt flats, which now have a museum and the old salt factory from the 19th century?

12. Mutriku

On the border with Vizcaya, another of the most beautiful towns that you can see in Guipúzcoa is Mutriku. It is a very charming fishing village, whose good conservation will evoke you to times gone by. Both its bay and its old town, where houses are crowded together in an unlikely way, are ideal places for a leisurely stroll. You will simply fall in love!

There are many historical buildings that are worth a visit in Mutriku. Among them is its old fish market, the Lonja Zaharra, from the 17th century and which is currently the social house of the marina. We also recommend visiting the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, in neoclassical style, as well as different palaces, such as the Galdona Palace or the Zubiel Palace, or stately homes such as the Casa Olazarra-Mizquia, from the 17th century.

13. Must

Deba is one of the most touristic towns in Guipúzcoa and, honestly, it is not surprising. Its surroundings will leave you speechless, on the coastal strip of Deba-Zumaia. With its impressive cliffs and spectacular beaches. Thanks to its cliffs, such as the famous Sakoneta Beach.

Within Deba, we can also visit other places of great beauty. Such as the Church of Santa María, from the 15th century and in the Gothic style. Declared a National Monument, as well as the Sanctuary of Itziar. Originally built in the 13th century and renovated in the 16th. As well as the Sasiola Convent, built between the 16th and 17th centuries. We also recommend you to know its civil architecture, where stately homes such as Casa Aguirre, Casa Aldazabal or Casa de Báñez stand out, and of course, its Town Hall from the mid-18th century.

14. Berastegi

On the border with the Autonomous Community of Navarra, we can find another charming town, such as Bernstein. In fact, it is the last municipality of Guipúzcoa on the Camino Real. Berastegi is made up of isolated houses on a green plain and surrounded by mountains.

We recommend you to walk through this town and discover the different traditional houses of Berastegi. Among the places you must visit in Berastegi, is the Church of San Martín de Tours. Where the original Romanesque portal from the XIIII century continues. Although its predominant style is Gothic. In the surroundings, you can also visit up to three hermitages. Such as San Lorenzo de Larre, San Antón and San Sebastián.

15. Baliarrain

On the outskirts of the Ibiur reservoir, in the central area of ​​Guipúzcoa. On the slopes of Mount Altzagamendi. We can find another town of great scenic beauty. In this case, it is also one of the towns most at risk of being abandoned in the province. All the more reason to get to know it! We talk about Baliarrain.

We are sure that you will love the layout of its farmhouses. Scattered along the hillside, with a small main nucleus. A place where you can breathe tranquillity, perfect for lovers of rural tourism. Among the places that you should know in Baliarrain. The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, from the 18th century, as well as the old mill. As you can see, in Guipúzcoa there are numerous towns of great beauty. Plan your trip to get to know them all!

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