How to do SEO post on Blogger? Great trick of 2020.

How to do SEO posts on Blogger? 2020

Almost every one of us who blogs know that it is impossible to rank first in Google without SEO. That is why it is so important for us to do SEO. Because without it you can’t get visitors from Google.

And the visitor is the life center of a site. So in today’s detailed discussion, I want to share with you, exactly how bloggers can do SEO.

Although SEO is not that easy because it takes a long time to do SEO. But most of the time everyone says that it is very easy to do SEO from WordPress but the thing is that it is much easier if you know the right rules to do SEO.

Because since Blogger doesn’t have guidelines for doing SEO like WordPress, Blogger has to do SEO manually.

Another thing SEO means is that being on the first page of Google is a completely wrong idea.

If you want to bring your site to the forefront of Google, you need to take 4 months to 1 year.

And in the case of blogger SEO, you have to do both off-page SEO and on-page SEO in the same way. So today’s registered discussion is very short but I hope I will try to explain it in a very good way.


So without wasting time, let’s see how to do blogger SEO and what to look for …


You have to choose the keywords.

If you are going to write an article, you must try to have your keywords in that article.

There are some free tools and paid tools to help you choose keywords. Although free tools are not able to provide complete data.

So first look at the search volume of your keyword with the paid tool, what is the KD of the keyword.

What if Blogger needs keyword research?

Then I have the answer and without it, you can’t write SEO-friendly articles.

However, many of us blog in Bengali. But we can not take Bengali keywords in a good way like English articles.

If they want, they can work with the IGR keyword or LSI keyword or they can write an article with Long Tile Keyword.

Keyword ranking in Bengali is easy in many cases, but the quality of writing depends on it.

If you want, you can write an article about Google’s suggested Bangla keywords without using any tool and thinking about people’s needs.

Let’s see how you can write a blogger SEO friendly blog …

Arrange the paragraphs.

When you write an article on a topic, you will find some tools for writing a blog above, from there you will get an option like Major Heading, Heading.

Choose that and start the article. Here you will try to put more than 300 words in total, it does not need much. Do not write less than 300 words, and in this text, you will input your keywords.

You can also give a Major Heading or H1 Heading first if you want and try to put your keyword in the heading.

Use of keywords in titles.

You must include your keywords in the title of the type of content or article you are writing.

Example: Suppose you write an article and take the keyword “Blogger SEO” then you give the title like me “How to do Blogger SEO” This is very effective in SEO.

Then when you write an article, put an H1 Tag or Major Heading and you can try to use keywords in it too.

Then you can use a Heading or h2 Tag … In this case, always try to make 2,3 subtitles and it must use keywords.

Give the number.

When you are writing an article, use the number at the end of the title to make it effective for SEO.

For example, you gave 2020 or 2021 after the title of the post or give as you wish.

Use of image:

You need to use the image at all times while writing the article and you have to make sure that the image is unique and copyright-free.

The more images you can put in an article, the more SEO friendly your article will be and you can use the title of your content as your keyword and title in ALT in each article.

However, in this case, keep an image by keeping an image after 400 words of your article, and it will be much more effective and helpful for you.

User-friendly URL.

Try to keep the user-friendly URL before publishing a post. Make sure the URL doesn’t get too big.

And even in the URL, you will try to leave your chosen keyword and use a number at the end, such as 2020 or any kind of number.

The URL here refers to the blogger’s permalink, so keep this in mind. However, in the case of Bengali articles, the URL cannot be used properly.

Because Blogger does not support Bengali URLs, you can sort them in English in a relevant way:

Determining the number of articles.

After writing an article, always look at the word counter tools to see how many words your article has. Try to make sure that any type of article is between 1200-1500 words.

If possible, write articles with related keywords in addition to the keywords in the article, and if each article is 1000 words, highlight or use keywords like 3-5 times, without titles.

And in any article of 1200 words, 1 out of 400 words, then calculate or share the word using 3-4 hours or more images.

Keyword highlights.

Bold the keywords used in the article. This will make the reader understand better and will have much more effect on your article in terms of clicks.

Meta description.

Before publishing an article, be sure to include a 150-word meta description in the article. However, you will try to put your keywords in whatever you write in the description.

The meta description is what you see as a result when you do a search. You also see some text under the title where some keywords are highlighted in bold. This is basically the job of the meta description.

When giving meta descriptions, include related keywords if you can, but no more than 150 words.

Interlinks and outbound links.

Interlinking is when you have a post on a related word in an article, use the link of that post in the new article that has that word in it.

Suppose you have already made a post about Blogger, then link that link to a word in the current article.

And the outbound link is to link to another website.

Basically, not many people want to do this but it plays a big role in ranking tax so if you want to give one or more outbound links to your article with any blogger will come in handy.

A few words about Blogger SEO:

So friends, finally, some of the above topics have been written in the light of WordPress rank math. Although bloggers are not able to give one hundred percent SEO results, if they can write articles with low keyword difficulty, they will definitely rank.

Because I have never done SEO on Blogger in such a way though. However, I was able to rank two posts by SEO and in a very short time.

But not only on-page SEO, but you must also do off-page SEO and I hope to discuss that some other day.

So friends, don’t forget to let us know how you like today’s detailed short registered article.

And if you have any opinion about it, you can let us know by commenting in the comment box below, in case of any problem. Thanks for reading the whole article.

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