How to Permanently Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10

How to Permanently Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10

What you guys gonna Posts here for it. 

Now if you wanted to know how to disable windows defender and you can do that Tips2hub editor and you can also do it in the registry. 

Now she had to do that in this video then nobody when you open up the windows defender here. 

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How to Permanently Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10


Like so so if you’re running this hearing you on the disabled is complete they can you tell when it runs in the no show yet to do it. 

Then only when you’ll install in office software like big defendable some and all that it will take care of this for you. But if you want to disable it manually yourself you can do and I’ll share it to do that in this Post.

first, off we’re going to go to the group policy editor he will need to have windows 10 pro and the boss to get here. 

We’re gonna go to GP edit and you see here the edit group policy. 

I want you inside here this is where we can make some big changes to System. 

So what we’re gonna do is go to the computer configuration here and administrative templates openness up windows components come down here. And you will see inside here windows defender. 

The secrecy here windows defender antivirus sandwiches pull this open here. And if you see. 

Down on this side here on the right M. payment, you click on the windows defender antivirus.

you’ll see the turn-off windows defender antivirus you can see is not being configured but if you want to you can double click on this and you can then enable this feature and this wouldn’t disable that feature for you.

so you just click apply and click okay. 

And the. Once you’ve done that that will put that in place and you will then have a note that windows defender of the disabled some just a week first.

So I can show you another way of doing things. Give away if you don’t have windows 10 pro and above and you just have windows 10 home he can go to the registry editor. You need to type reg edit. Open up the registry editor.

Okay, so not from this area he’s always good to make a backup first if you don’t have to do that you need to go to follow an expo make sure you select the whole computer. 

An expo makes a backup okay. 

So what we’re gonna do here is go to Hades key local machine. Software. Pull that down. Look for policies. Microsoft. 

Thank you for windows defender. 

And you can see inside windows defender we have now. Registry keys on here to say in place so we need to do here if you don’t see a disable anti-spyware then you need to at the end so we need to do here is go. New D. was a 32-bit value. 

Make sure you’re selected on the windows defender okay inside he would need to put in a value name and this is gonna be disable. NT. Spot where. 

I just thought that they double click on this and you can put a value of one inside here. Thanks so. You can close this off. 

And a restart your system okay they should have took care of that and that should now be the disabled nephew.

Warren stored in an anti-virus program like big defendable something, not that then that should take care of the sharpens at the windows defender let me just show you know I’ve got windows defender.

On he had disabled because of big defenders took care of it so I’m going to go into the windows security. 

And you can see here if I go into this area. 

I am we look at the virus protection you can see no action needed. 

You could say it is a link it’s a bit defend the anti-virus anti malware so he’s taking care of that and you can see that it’s already been disabled.

So it is taking care of that for you so you won’t need to worry about it if you are running an antivirus program like 50 federal some of that just check to make sure that he should take care of those savings for you okay anyway that’s about it for this video my name is broken rites at computers

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